What Is The CISS And How Does It Work ?

What happened when you needed to print a large project for school but your paper sheet or cartridge was empty ? Either too much time has passed since you have not used your cartridge or there was no ink in it. Well, here because of that my printer is in the closet and I have not used it for some time because of this. Because if you have a printer ink you must take care of it. At the end you must go to a shop to give a lot of money or make special order for that type of ink. A real business for shops and a headache for those who use these products. But no other side because we do not like downtown shopscharge large enough for a simple print. No mention about photo stores asking my opinion too much for a picture printed and on top have to do a road and put the pictures stick or CD. Much easier is to have a home printer you want to list the picture instantly. But there remains the problem cartridge.


Here the problem is resolved with CISS and the clip above and a thorough search on google about this technology convinced me to order the right type of cartridge: CISS Canon to my Canon printer at a promotional price and get rid of this problem. You can find CISS HP or CISS Epson also. Now the printer can use anything, anytime and with the raised money I can get another laptop (in some couple of months). I noticed that using this system with continuous supply of ink I don't need to change the cartridge and the guarantee that it will never dry cartridges. And you realize what this implies.

The CISS (continuous ink supply system) is a great alternative for black & white and color printing , as it delivers many benefits to the end user:

  • Save up to 95% on printing costs (YES, up to 20 times cheaper !) compared with ordinary ink cartridges
  • It is conveniently sold full with the ink equivalent of up to 28 sets of ordinary ink cartridges, and you will not refill it for a (very…) long time
  • The printing quality is similar to that obtained from using ordinary cartridges.

For more details click here.

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